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Company and personal profile

Behind webSemantics you'll discover a strong, focused individual who aids clients in achieving their goals. Mike Foskett helps bring expert technical knowledge to your projects in a manner that creates a very rewarding and positive experience.

Mike specialises in accessibility and computer interface design. He advises some of the leading companies and public sector institutions over critical issues in design, implementation and accessibility.

Mikes' knowledge, ability and great attention to detail makes him a genuine asset to his clients.

Karen Currier August 2005


  • Create engaging web solutions, which are fast, rich and usable, to demonstrate accessible sites do not have to be dull.
  • Encourage developers into adopting web standards, developing strategies to ensure a greater compliance with accessible design guidelines.
  • Raise awareness within organisations of the problems encountered by people with disabilities that affect their use of the web.
  • Direct visitors to information and resources on accessible web development.
  • Influence policy within organisations to positively effect web accessibility across the public and private sector.
  • Educate and inform managers and programmers of the benefits that optimised accessible developments bring to organisations.

How I became involved

I became interested in HCI while working for a degree at Wolverhampton University almost fifteen years ago. I left university and started work as a IT manager for a steel company in Stourbridge. My task was simple - to computerise the manual systems. By listening carefully to the users needs I presented systems that each user found dramatically simpler and thereby overcoming the fear of technology and change which abounded at the time. Such was the success that many of the systems implemented are still in place today.

This began a lifelong commitment to creating people orientated systems. I returned to University in 1999 to update skills for the Internet.

It is my belief that computer systems impair us all, even now I'm being handicapped by a qwerty keyboard and a cathode ray tube. Surely there are more enabling methods inclusive to everyone?

Experience of the years

While crafting the art at University I held a position at a small software house which gave me the chance to hone the skills and techniques learned.

Over the next six years I held various positions within the now defunct UK Government agency Becta who were:

The Government's key partner in the strategic development of information and communications technologies, delivering e-learning strategies for schools and the learning and skills sectors.

My first role offered accessibility and cross-browser / cross-platform coding repairs to external sites wishing to be listed as an approved educational resource. Approximately 10 sites were critiqued and repaired each week lifting their standard to Government eGif guidelines.

The skills used were noted and the role expanded into the strategic redevelopment of Becta's own forty-odd websites. Moving each from table based sloppy HTML into truly modern designs. No mean task given the nature of agencies.

My final role was that of "Accessibility and web standards consultant" which was a bit of a mouthful for a Front-End engineer.

At the start of 2008 I was poached by the UKs second largest online retailer, Tesco, where I'm working for the marketing department developing customer facing applications, web pages and more specifically the homepage. Recent successes include: Homepage speed optimisation redevelopment, an accessibility award, Adobe Test & Target and MVT, Dart advertising banner implementation, store locator, video delivery, Maxymiser revenue optimisation.

I have been professionally active on the Internet for twelve years and an IT professional for over twenty and I'm still keenly acquiring new skills. Well you have to love it.

Company background

webSemantics was born from the need to expand programming techniques and more importantly to change attitudes on how we think about the way we work.

Associations and memberships

Logo Association
Web Standards Group Member The Web Standards Group
The Guild of Accessible Web Designers The Guild of Accessible Web Designers
W3C compliant sites Member of W3C compliant sites
British Web Design and Marketing Association: Raising e-business standards British Web Design & Marketing Association

What sets webSemantics apart

Attitude, understanding and attention to detail. Offering pragmatic solutions to pedantic issues.

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