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Dramatically updated and revamped.
Version 4 is now deprecated, kept for archive reference only.

Accessible Tab Navigation (version 4)

author: mike foskett incept: 21st May 2010

last update: 18th March 2016

A progressively enhanced lightweight and accessible tab navigation which doesn't rely on jQuery.

Written to replace a jQuery method which wasn't accessible via the keyboard and didn't work without JavaScript. Originally written for the Tesco direct web site.

Version 4 updated to include multiple versions on one page and to allow hover, or focus, action to activate tabs.


Tab One

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Tab Two

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Tab Three

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A complete commented bare bones demo version is available. As is a minified JavaScript [1.05 KB] version.

Caveat: This code will only produce a single tab navigation an a page. If you require more than one it means duplicating the JavaScript and changing the id's. Not the best solution but works. Live example with two separate tab navigations: Tesco mini-site for AMD. I may further this project to correctly accommodate multiples in the future. - Done in version 4.


Basically a list of anchor links which reference div blocks.

<ul id="tabableNav" class="hoverable">
  <li class="on"><a href="#tab1">Tab One</a></li>
  <li><a href="#tab2">Tab Two</a></li>
  <li><a href="#tab3">Tab Three</a></li>

The class="on" distinguishes which tab is currently active.


  <div id="tab1" class="tabbed on">
    tab 1 content

  <div id="tab2" class="tabbed">
    tab 2 content

  <div id="tab3" class="tabbed">
    tab 3 content


The class="tabbed" hides inactive tab blocks when JavaScript is present.

The class="on" displays which tab is currently active.

The scripting

The script is presented in a closure to prevent variables interfering elsewhere. It was also Linted as far as possible.

var accessibleTabs4 = (function () {

  var onClass;

  // author: Simon Willisons -
  function addLoadEvent(f){var o=window.onload;if(typeof window.onload!=='function'){window.onload=f;}else{window.onload=function(){if(o){o();}f();};}}

  // A few of my standard set of functions
  function hasClass(o,c){return new RegExp('(\\s|^)'+c+'(\\s|$)').test(o.className);}
  function addClass(o,c){if(!hasClass(o,c)){o.className+=' '+c;}}
  function removeClass(o,c){if(hasClass(o,c)){o.className=o.className.replace(new RegExp('(\\s|^)'+c+'(\\s|$)'),' ').replace(/\s+/g,' ').replace(/^\s|\s$/,'');}}

The activateTab function is called whenever a tab is clicked, or optionally hovered / focused.

  function activateTab() {
    var j = this.linkset.length; // number of links in this tab set
    while (j--) { // go through each link in turn

      // remove the "on" class from both link and content div
      removeClass(this.linkset[j].parentNode, onClass);
      removeClass(this.linkset[j].tabId, onClass);

    // Add the "on" class to both the active link and content div
    addClass(this.parentNode, onClass);
    addClass(this.tabId, onClass);
    return false;

Initialisation waits until the page has loaded. Then works through each tab link and associates

  function init(cfg) {
    addLoadEvent(function () { // wait until page has fully loaded
      var tabNavId = document.getElementById(cfg.navId); // get the ul id from the function parameter
      onClass = cfg.onClass || "on"; // On class defaults to "on" but may be overwritten by a function parameter
      if (tabNavId) { // if id passed as a parameter exists
        var As = tabNavId.getElementsByTagName("a"), // get list of contained links as objects
          i = As.length,
          hoverable = hasClass(tabNavId, cfg.hoverableClass || "hoverable"); // check if hover / focus action is required
        while (i--) { // now with each link object
          As[i].tabId = document.getElementById(As[i].href.slice(As[i].href.lastIndexOf('#') + 1)) || false; // get the content id from the href or false if not available
          if (As[i].tabId) {
            As[i].linkset = As; // each link object stores a reference to each link in the list

            // add the action to each link
            As[i].onclick = activateTab;
            if (hoverable) {
              As[i].onmouseover = activateTab;
              As[i].onfocus = activateTab;

  return {init : init};


// Call the function with the id of navigation tab ul as a parameter
// Optionally overwrite the default settings:
//     onClass : "on", hoverableClass : "hoverable" 

accessibleTabs4.init({navId : "tabableNav"});


The styling requires JavaScript detection so it can act prior to page rendering. Indicated by the class "hasJS" added to the html element. This is achieved by adding a small script directly after the title element:

<script type="text/javascript">/*<![CDATA[*/document.documentElement.className="hasJS";/*]]>*/</script>

Styling required by the scripting only. Nothing cosmetic here:

.hasJS .tabbed {position:absolute; top:0; left:-200em;}
.hasJS .on {position:relative; top:0; left:0}

Any issues please email me or leave a comment below.

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