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Last revision: 13th March 2009

Website optimisation

Have you ever noticed how you equate slow sites with being poor sites? While a fast site instills a certain degree of confidence? Ever wondered how it's done? The key to faster web sites is to focus on improving front-end performance:

There are three main reasons why front-end performance is the place to start.

  1. There is more potential for improvement by focusing on the front-end. Cutting it in half reduces response times by 40% or more, whereas cutting back-end performance in half results in less than a 10% reduction.
  2. Front-end improvements typically require less time and resources than back-end projects (redesigning application architecture and code, finding and optimizing critical code paths, adding or modifying hardware, distributing databases, etc.).
  3. Front-end performance tuning has been proven to work. Over fifty teams at Yahoo! have reduced their end-user response times by following our performance best practices, often by 25% or more.

Our performance golden rule is: optimize front-end performance first, that's where 80% or more of the end-user response time is spent.

Quote excerpt from Yahoo's Steve Souders.

Google is about to use page loading speed as part of the calculation which determines your sites listing position. If being found on Google is important we highly recommend obtaining a speed report for your site.

You may of noticed this site is blindingly fast to deliver content. We can do the same for your site too.

The report costs £1k (€1k1) inclusive. Reconstruction and optimisation work may be undertaken at the standard day rate charged at £300 (€330).

Comprehensive site audit

The comprehensive accessibility and standards audit is highly detailed and aimed at institutions in both the public and private sectors where getting it right first time is essential in the development of future web strategies. The report includes:

  • Full accessibility audit, priorities one, two and three. Passes, fails, corrections required and time-scale suggestions.
  • Cross browser, cross platform, test report.
  • Coding analysis, Validation and W3C Standards conformance audit.
  • W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines badging to version 1 and 2.
  • Each report includes all necessary repair information.

According to guidance published June 2008 by the Cabinet Office:

All new UK public sector websites must conform to at least 'AA' accessibility standards as specified by the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Existing central government department websites must conform by December 2009 and all other government agencies and non-departmental bodies by March 2011.

Websites which fail to meet the accessibility requirements may be at risk of having their domain name withdrawn.

The new guidance includes a requirement for bodies to produce website accessibility policies; and advice on assessment of accessibility through the use of user testing and other methods.

Reference: Delivering inclusive websites.

Costing approximately £1k (€1k1) for most websites. E-mail me if you wish to see a sample report.

The conclusion is concisely written for managers with project schedules and costing in mind. The detail is directly aimed at programmers and consequently quite technical in nature. This solution facilitates understanding and the speed of effective repair.

Optionally modification work may be undertaken at the standard day rate of £300 (€330).

Online delivery of video

From a supplied source video we can create an accessible online version to meet your specific needs.

Standard day rate charges £300 (€330) apply but studio time is currently £350 (€380).

Template coding

Templates professionally coded from graphic design layout, or a style guide, to XHTML strict. Developed to current Web Standards, completely accessible, and semantic, as standard.

Standard day rate charges £300 (€330).

In-house training

Probably the best method for in-house programmers to attain complete understanding and details of the issues involved. Examining existing mark-up highlighting areas of concern. Bringing practical solutions straight to the in-house team and leaving them better informed with greater capabilities.

Standard day rate charges £300 (€330) plus travel expenses.

No-nonsense advice

A little advice can go a long way. I am often on the Accessify and Web Standards Group forums. Expert knowledge shared amongst peers. These are public forums. Alternatively you may wish to e-mail me.

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