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webSemantics - work, you're welcome to it

Hi, I'm Mike Foskett and welcome to my "work" web site. The key to a high-performance web site is to focus on improving front-end performance and that, as a front-end UI engineer, is pretty much what I do.

A good example of my work would be the Tesco homepage and the Tesco Store Locator which were built to be fast, usable, accessible and very SEO friendly.

My purpose here is to supply help, guidance and small code snippets relating to front-end development issues. Hopefully to gain further employment as an accessible, web standards front-end developer with a high degree of experience in optimisation, accessibility, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and a little jQuery. See Services or my LinkedIn profile if you're interested. My main aims are to:

  • Create engaging web solutions, which are fast, robust, rich and usable, to demonstrate accessible sites do not have to be dull or slow.
  • Encourage developers into adopting web standards, developing strategies to ensure a greater compliance with accessible design guidelines and understand the criteria for quick loading web sites.
  • Direct visitors to information and resources on web development.
  • Influence policy within organisations to positively effect web accessibility across the public and private sector.
  • Educate and inform managers and programmers of the benefits that optimised accessible developments bring to organisations.

New site almost ready

This site is now in it's twelth year and it's second redevelopment, seven years ago, is getting long in the tooth, though note that it was responsive long before the term "Responsive" became a keyword. With the long overdue passing of IE 6, 7, 8 & 9. The new site if finally in beta. The current resources replaced with HTML5, ARIA, CSS3 versions plus a few new ones too.

Resources are added on an ad hoc basis. Many of the ideas and techniques demonstrated here may be found useful to developers. These are the last few on this site:

  1. A simple folding FAQ 16th November 2014
  2. Accessible modal pop-up windows using only CSS 17th July 2012
  3. Accessible tab navigation 18th March 2016— Update: New version of Accessible tab navigation

2015 resources can be found on the new webSemantics website

Free online tools

A few online tools I've created to ease my day to day employment:

From the archive

There is an old (2004) online accessibility workshop aimed at beginners but may be found useful if you are training developers or managers in priority one accessibility. It is still relevant as is the rather dry but comprehensive Accessible forms: Guidelines & manipulation.

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